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SLAM DUNKLE is an evolving platform for the many talents of a small town boy who grew up, traveled the world, and performed with legends Quincy Jones, 

Esperanza Spalding and many more. 

The only constant is Matthew and his beach cruiser bicycle, with the most iconic routine featuring Matthew in a Speedo, playing the trumpet, and tossing a large red exercise ball. 

Recently, during the COVID-19 Pandemic, SLAM DUNKLE took to the streets of historic Concord, MA as the Headless Horseman, playing acoustic guitar on a matching black beach cruiser. 

SLAM DUNKLE began on July 31, 2015 as a highly personal performance art therapy practiced in public. Wearing red swim trunks and a Santa hat, Matthew David Dunkle rode a red beach cruiser bicycle from West Concord, MA to iconic Walden Pond State Reservation.


The topless six mile ride was met with wonder by residents, pedestrians and motorists as Matthew sang Christmas Carols and waved his hands like a conductor. 

A 2013 Berklee College of Music graduate with about 30 years of preparatory and professional music experience, Matthew transcended his own limitations and societal norms that day. This discovery launched an obsession for expressing Liberty through this sensational marriage of athleticism, musical artistry, and showmanship.

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On his 35th birthday in October, 2017 Matthew was featured in a local Concord, MA newspaper. Readers were quick to speculate about this "mystery rider".


While a huge part of the SLAM DUNKLE project thrives on the surprise of unscheduled performances in public spaces, Matthew has worked together with many local residents to bring this experience to Birthday Parades, Fashions Shows, Concerts, and Community Events. 

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